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happy seniors on medicare
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Thank you!!!  We Look forward to helping you soon.  If we are not currently in a meeting one of us will call you shortly.
In order for us to look up your prescriptions medicare requires us to send you this "Scope of appointment".   Fancy way to say...
                        "This is what we will be talking about."
Please don't worry you just open up and type your name.  It is easy.

scope not obligate
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The above paragraph will be on the email or Text we send you.  We can also send you one in the mail if you prefer.  Its your Choice.
Medicare requires us to get this signed before we are permitted to meet with you, or look up Prescriptions on your behalf.  Signing this form does not obligate you to enroll in a medicare plan.  (see bottom of this page for a copy of Scope)
Scope of Appointment request (Needed before we can look up your prescriptions)

If you want it emailed      If Texted

We will email or Text you a 6 digit code
Simply open document Read it, check off all 5 box's
and type your name to sign then hit Save.
pdp pic.PNG
Example:  Once a Scope of Appointment form is completed we can ask you this information.  (you can't enter prescriptions yet)
We now are able to give you all of the answers you want and need and we are allowed to go of the specific plan details.  After we enter your prescriptions we will give you a detailed explanation of the benefits available in your area.
The Medicare website gives us all of the plans available in your county.  We can compare benefits and find the one that saves you the most money!!!
We will call you soon to set up an appointment to go over you results.
BTW at any do not have to do this by yourself.  Call us and we will do it for you.         It is easy!  (207) 299-5180

There are a lot of regulations that Medicare has put in place to protect you.  We are not allowed to go over plan benefits without what is called a scope of appointment.  See below this is what we will send you.

During Covid- We have all of the necessary systems in place to do our meeting over the phone.   If you prefer an in person meeting please let us know and we can accommodate with all of the necessary Safety precautions necessary.
scope of appointment
check all
5 box's please
Below:  Plan types we may go over.
medicar part c scope
medicar part c
scope ppo hmo snp
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