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2022 See now! 2023..OCT 1

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We are more than happy to help. Simply call us with your questions.

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Free Plan Information

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Glasses a Medicare benefit

Plus Glasses Dentures and Hearing Aids

- Rides to the Doctor

- Personal Emergency response system


- Silver Sneakers program.

- Compare the plan Co pays


- Important not all plans offer all benefits.  Please let us know which benefits you want/need so we know which plans to show you.

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Vincent Wank

We can make it easier for you.  Usually the best savings are based on your needs and prescriptions.  Let us do this for you.  We will look up your prescriptions and show you all of your options.
Do you know if you qualify for Extra Help? We can help you find out.If you don't you may qualify for the Maine Savings RX card?
If you don't qualify for Extra help or hit the doughnut hole this may help.Ask above         and we can have them mail you one.
Which plans have these benefits?  Please ask us. 

So when you ask us what benefit you are interested in we can give you the actual plan benefits by email or over the phone.

 Ask your questions on email, phone, Chat box
or Request Free information form.



"We are extremely excited
about the 2022 plans, for all of the Medicare plans. 
Zero dollar plans with Great benefits.
Come back here on Oct 1st.  You won't want to miss it" 

Maine Choices for Medicare
Vincent Murray- President
Senior Solutions M.A.P.D
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As a Independent Insurance agency MaineMedicarechoices works for you to find the best plan for you based on your needs. We research all Medicare Advantages and over 20 Prescription drug plans plans in the state

Local Friendly agents personal service - We live here too!  We are available to answer questions year round.  

Covid 19 awareness- We understand that you would like the benefits you deserve and we are very concerned with your safety.

SAFETY-  Your Answers here or over the phone

SAFETY-  If you would like to meet with us we can do that as well.   Safety precautions and best practices are adhered to if home meeting desired.

Maine Medicare plans

If you are looking to save money on your Medicare Supplement? Plans have gone up to over $260 per month. We can help you save on these plans as well.

See Supplement (Medigap) plans.

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