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Thank you.   We need to send you a Scope of Appointment.
This allows us to research your prescriptions and do a price comparison for you.   (if you already sent one please disregard)

         Scope of Appointment request

Thanks for submitting!

       Do you have Mainecare?

Incredible new benefits now available.

Slmby or Del- Utilities flex Card, Increased Dental Vision and Hearing.  Dental Vision and Hearing Flex card.  Or  Healthy foods card from other plans. 

QMBY?  Credit card that will pay for your Utilities, More Dental, more hearing aid coverage, more OTC benefits, More Flex card Allotment.

Most plans have really increased their SNP plan benefits. 
Ask us for Free information.

snp plans

All of the plans are increasing their benefits for 2022.  We are really excited about these new benefits.  REALLY EXCITED.  These are the plans for 2021on plan websites now.  If you have an email address or regular address we can send you plans specific information.
Please fill out Scope of Appointment for 2022 plan information October 1st. We can tell you about all of the new benefits on October 1st however, Applications can't be taken before October 15th.  Plans websites won't be live until 10-15-2021.

2022 plan info available now.   AEP begins October 15th , 2021

Our Services
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If you have a Supplement we can save you money on Plan G or Plan N

There are 27 Medicare Prescription Drug plans in Maine.  If you have a supplement please let us know.  When we look up your prescriptions we will evaluate stand alone Prescription Drug plans

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