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Mainecare and Medicare? Plans are giving $80 to $150 per month on a Spendables card. Get the help

If you are on Maincare we have some great news. I talk to seniors who aren't using this benefit. You can pay your cell phone, Electric, Internet, Some plans even let you buy pet supplies and pay partial rent.

Call today and let us maximize the benefits for you.

Medicare plans in Maine help you with everyday bills. Medicare advantage plans are also available for Zero dollars.

Let us look up your prescriptions and will give us the plan with the lowest prescription drug prices for the year. Some plans have a new Prescription deductible. This can make a huge difference especially if you are taking Tier 3 medications, ($37 to $47 a month prescriptions)

At we look at all plans in Maine.

We do not offer every plan in maine and the information we provide will be based on the plans we do offer. Go to or call 1800medicare for more information.

The only Medicare advantage plan we don't offer is Martins point. We will gladly compare Martins point to these plans we do offer...and if you want to sign up with Martins point we can point you in the right direction.

We will always do what is best for you.

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